I Hate The Leftovers

My loathing for the various imaginings of Damon Lindelof (Cowboys and Aliens, Prometheus, Tomorrowland, this godforsaken HBO series) won’t go away — it’s growing, spreading, metastasizing. If I could make Lindelof disappear from the planet by clapping three times, I would clap three times.

  • THX11384EB

    Amen to that. Him and Abrams.

  • Geoff

    I understand the hate, but the second season was really good.

  • Dave Billet

    To think this is the same network of The Sopranos,The Wire, and Deadwood. Sheesh.

  • blake011

    That’s too bad. I couldn’t get into the first season but the 2nd season gets Damon a lifetime pass. It was profound, moving, and quite spectacular. Also amazing performances all around. Its really one of the best seasons of television I’ve seen and even the first season plays like nothing else on TV.

    • John Cope

      I like the first season infinitely more than the second.

    • Mark Bendiksen

      Season 2 had intense and emotional high drama (the lengthy squaring off between Nora and Erika), mind-blowing Lynch-esque storytelling (“International Assassin”) and vaguely dark humor (the Reverend repeatedly caring for his catatonic wife “a la Groundhog Day” to the tune of the Bellamy Brothers).

      I could go on an on. It was truly brilliant in its execution. Jeff has compared it previously with Westworld. However, The Leftovers has something Westworld does not: a soul.

  • DarthCorleone

    I’m not the biggest Lindelof fan, but wishing your “clap three times” curse upon him is harsh. Save that one for our current government leadership!

    • TheRealBadHatHarry

      Why must you proclaim such things on current message boards of the internet?

      • robert jenks

        Because he’s a sad little virtue-signaler who expects lots of cane-tapping hear-hears on this board?

        • TheRealBadHatHarry

          That would appear to sum it up nicely, yes.

          The odd grammar usements had me wondering if he was a bot, but I’ll bet you’re right.

  • I only watched the pilot episode, and I found it to be such a tonal shift from the book, I was amazed that Perrotta was an active creative participant. Everyone was so aggro and pissed off. As I read the book, it felt like everyone was just trying to deal with it while continuing on, but here it felt like nobody could get over the event years on.

    (Then they had to have the extraneous sex and drugs at the teen’s party because it’s not TV, it’s HBO. Which ws fine but felt as shoehorned in as the much appreciated but still gratuitous boob shot in Logan).

    • blake011

      Agreed as I read the book too. But I did admire the ambition of the 1st season and like I said the second season is extraordinary television

  • Chasie

    So Damon Lindelof joins the esteemed company of Bill “sweaty” Mendelson and Joel “pig eyes” Edgerton. The later 2 need to step up their game though.

    • I changed my tune about Edgerton when I met him at a Loving party at the London West Hollywood. He’s a good guy.

      • Did the movies got retroactively better?

        Paging Klaus Kinski.

        • Hardcore Henry V

          No, Wells’ insect antennae just got retroactively worse.

  • Dr. New Jersey

    It will be a net gain when HBO is done with Leftovers and Girls, but what will it have for series when Game of Thrones, VEEP and Silicon Valley are gone?

    • Matt of Sleaford

      All Westworld. All the time.

    • Raygo

      Maybe more limited one-and-dones like Big Little Lies. And I still hold out hope that True Detective gets back on track.

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    • Jeff

      They must be terrified. Their programming lately has been very strange lately. They seem to be leaning heavily into being the progressive liberal prestige network. I am not sure this is a great strategy long term. Outside of Ballers and Westworld, which has been in Devo for a decade ish, their programming is either hipster coastal male or progressive female and or minority skewing.

  • TheRealBadHatHarry

    I don’t even have to see it to hate it. That “ironic” Abba is the only excuse I needed to give up on pondering ever seeing an episode. Excruciating.

  • lazarus

    I give Lindelof a lifetime pass as well, but for co-writing The Constant, one of the best episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. Not that this is the only highlight of his Lost tenure. The proof is in the pudding: none of the show’s imitators could replicate its success. Not the smartest show to ever air, but arguably the most consistently entertaining, including all the downtime spent obsessing and theorizing about its mythology. That’s no small feat.

  • blake011

    So sad to see so much negativity on this board. You guys really missed something when you skipped Leftovers season 2. That is what he will be remembered for.

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    The second season was the best season of TV ever. FACT!

    • GhostOfGigli

      Nope, but it was decent. My biggest hope for Season 3 is that they ditch the annoying Season 2 theme song.

  • Dean

    I completely agree.

  • John Cope

    I like this show well enough but it’s kind of hard to get too excited about it now given that we’re only two months away from Twin Peaks.

  • Muldoon

    Gave up after the first ep because I don’t like any of the actors except Eccleston. Ann Dowd is my least favorite actress of all time. Couldn’t get past the cast to think about the series’ content. Speaking of HBO, if Big Little Lies, which I’m watching because the wife loves Nicole, Reese, and Al S., is an accurate representation of our society, maybe nuclear annihilation isn’t such a bad option.

    • blake011

      Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are fantastic in Big Little Lies.

  • Alboone

    His worst offense as a writer is hands down without a doubt Star Trek Into Darkness. Put aside the filmmaking and just isolate the story being told and you’ll come away with a truly uninspiring shitty fan fiction angle from an established classic. It’s mind boggling at how a shit sandwich of a story passed through production.

  • Mark Bendiksen

    So, I realize this may be a loaded question, but how many of the commenters on this thread who are blasting the show actually watched all of Season 2? I’m only saying that more than a few of them would change their tune if they stuck with it. Then again, maybe not; I suppose it is a polarizing show. Toss me in to the “love it” camp, though.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Where have you been? He was driven off twitter by his haters, abuse I thoroughly supported.

  • Mark Bendiksen

    For what it’s worth, as I type this the Tomatometer for Season 3 is at 100% and Metacritic is at 96. The Rotten Tomatoes rating includes reviews from the New York Times, Variety, and CNN. Just sayin’….