Idiocy Compounded

Two and a half months ago I posted a riff about what may have been the dumbest example of giant poster art ever seen in Los Angeles. Occupying an east-facing wall of the Beverly Hills Sofitel, it was an image of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie (rooster hair, lighting-bolt makeup) from ’72, except the artist added “1969” at the bottom. Bowie looked nothing like that at the time. A month or so later the same artist painted a same-sized image of young Carrie Fisher, who had passed on 12.27.16, along with another lulu of a caption that read “they are in the galaxy far, far away.” The artist, thinking no doubt of the Star Wars prologue “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” was apparently unaware that there’s no such thing as one big, universe-encompossing “galaxy”, and that the number of galaxies in the observable universe range from 200 billion to 2 trillion. Both the artist and the Sofitel exec who hired him, obviously two or three cards short of a full deck, have made their mark and will live together in infamy. I noticed yesterday that they’ve gotten rid of the Bowie image, and yet Fisher and the galaxy copy remain.

  • Mr. F.

    Uh, the artist isn’t talking about *a* Galaxy. He’s talking about Heaven, the afterlife, the “big, Universe-encompassing” whatever-you-want-to-call-it when we die. Not hard to figure out…

    • I figured it out. While there exists in people’s minds a single, all-encompassing, cloud-filled afterlife realm called “heaven,” there’s no such thing as a singular galaxy. Substitutes: “They’re flying through eternity,” “coasting through the cosmos,” “co-piloting with Major Tom,” “exploring unchartered galaxies, ” etc. The person who painted this stupid thing is an idiot.

      • Lucky Frizzel

        What are you talking about? If someone says “Where is my phone,” and you say “It’s in the car” that does not mean you are implying that the car is an infinite all-encompassing vehicle. To say in “the galaxy” can very well mean THIS galaxy, in which someone could indeed be far, far away. What are you, a maroon?

        • Put another way: There are at least 200 billion Prius autos on the face of the planet. You were driving in one yesterday, and you left your iPhone in the back seat. You make a report at the local police station and a cop asks, “When did you last see your iPhone?” And you answer, “When I was in the Prius.”

  • So there’s a time travel theme?

  • Hamlet: “Death, the undiscovered country…”
    Jeff: “What are you, an idiot? There are lots of countries you haven’t discovered.”

    • Luke — You’re a writer. A moron wrote “they are in the galaxy far, far away.” What’s wrong with you? — Jeffrey Wells, HE

  • brenkilco

    Maybe talking about the star wars galaxy. That might nave been prefreable to the.

    But with Bowie gone wno’s they. Betting debbie’s heaven is a lot closer to beverly hills.

  • ABC

    Adding this to the list of posts in which Jeff confidently condescends to strangers about something pedantic, while being wrong himself.

    Lightning bolt-era Bowie is Aladdin Sane, not Ziggy Stardust.