My Kind Of Redneck

I met Trae Crowder a while back when he visited Real Time with Bill Maher. He sounds like the grandson of the guy who fucked Ned Beatty in the ass in Deliverance, but he’s totally cool. If only there were a few more Southern guys like him — i.e., irreverent but amiable, nobody’s fool and willing to cut through the bullshit. Crowder’s co-authored book (with Corey Ryan Forrester), “The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark“, came out last October, and I wouldn’t mind reading it.

Southerners are good people if you can forget what they believe in. I had a great time when I visited Shreveport six or seven years ago. I visited a nifty little country bar, drank a lot, joked around with everyone and met a pretty lady who had just left her husband and was looking to ratify this decision by doing the nasty with the right guy, who turned out to be me.

  • Raygo

    I guess this post left many of us speechless.

  • Vulcanic

    I’m a Southerner who still lives in the South. I’m white. I’m also liberal as hell. There are more white liberals than you think, mostly concentrated in the big cities (Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans, etc.). There are also enormous numbers of African-American voters in almost every Southern state and, despite what idiots believe, they too are an integral part (perhaps the most integral part) of Southern culture and identity.

    The South is more complex and divided than most think. More people voted for Trump in Los Angeles County than in the entire state of West Virginia. More people voted for Hillary Clinton in Harris County, Texas than in any of the five boroughs of NYC.

    I actually think the South has a lot in common with Russia. Traditionally, its top end cultural exports are world class (bourbon, bbq, Faulkner and other great writers, rock & roll, jazz, blues, etc.). Positively beautiful landscapes. Its mass cultural exports (pop-country, Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Franklin Graham, etc.) are soul destroying hot garbage. Its dissident voices are frequently fascinating. And pretty much an unbroken chain of god awful government leadership for its entire history.

    • Joe.Leydon

      For the benefit of those who tuned in late: Harris County, the third most populous county in the US, includes Houston.

      • Marjoriewwilcox

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  • Grampappy Amos

    The fervent religious beliefs of many Southerners, particularly about abortion and homophobia is probably the main reason that the region appears backward to liberals. Yet there are so many cool pockets of “hip” (Athens, Savannah, Asheville, Austin) that I feel their might be “progress” for future generations.

    • Vulcanic

      Religion isn’t the primary driver behind Trumpism. In fact, the decline in churchgoing among white Southerners played a huge role in his rise.

      Athens, Savannah, Asheville, and Austin are all great small cities. The big driver of future progress is more likely to come from the larger urban areas though. Atlanta, for example, had the sharpest turn towards the Dems of anywhere in the USA in 2016.

  • Clockwork Taxi

    “He sounds like the grandson of the guy who fucked Ned Beatty in the ass in Deliverance, but he’s totally cool.”
    There are lots of cool people in the South. But If they heard this type of remark, you’d get a nice blue-belly welcoming.

  • filmklassik

    Yep. There are certainly lots of barely-literate racist Republican yahoos down in Dixie these days, no question about it.

    But I wonder if there aren’t huge swaths of uneducated Northern DEMOCRATS who show a marked dislike for people of other races, too.

    What do you think folks — think we could find sizable precincts of THEM anywhere?

    Remember our criteria:

    1) Poorly educated

    2) Showing suspicion and hostility toward people of other races

    And finally —

    3) Tending to vote Democrat

    Where could we find such people, I wonder?

    And if we ever did find them, would we be quite as quick to comment on their ignorance, poor education and tendency toward racial prejudice?