Wells to Inarritu: un abrazo, una pregunta

Jeff to Alejandro: “Hope you and your family are well & well-travelled. When, pray, will your Mexican immigrant virtual reality film (yours and Chivo‘s, I mean) be viewable by guys like myself? How will the viewings work? To view the Real McCoy I’ll have to strap on a VR unit, of course, but where and how?

“No offense, of course, but I don’t particularly want to to buy a VR viewer just to watch your short. Will there be a HD or better yet a 4K version that I can stream down the road on my Sony 4K?

“Secondly, why can’t I stream The Revenant in 4K off Amazon? You can buy a 4K Revenant Bluray, but I don’t yet own a 4K Bluray player. Why can’t I just stream a 4K version? Have you watched Lawrence of Arabia via Amazon 4K streaming yet? It’s probably only 2K or a bit more due to compression and upconverting, but it’s quite brilliant.”

  • SaulPaul

    The Revenant is, so far, my first and only 4k UHD Blu. It looks fucking incredible. I was blown away.

    • Marjoriershin

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  • GhostOfGigli

    You can get a 4k player for approx $200 — just get the Xbox One S. Pseudo 4k streaming doesn’t compare IMHO.

  • Glenn Kenny

    I can’t believe Iñárritu actually sits still for your bullshit. As if he’s the sole arbiter of what format his film ends up in on Amazon. He might have other things on his mind, you know?
    And you can’t even be bothered to put the tilde over the “n” in his fucking name. Do you have a golden shower sex tape of him or something?