Director’s Fortnight Picks

My just-arrived copy of the 2017 Elite Journalist Cannes Film Festival Instruction Manual says I need to see the following Directors Fortnight selections: (a) Claire Denis’ Un beau soleil intérieur with Juliette Binoche and Gerard Depardieu; (b) Cary Murnion‘s Bushwick (action thriller); (c) Geremy Jasper‘s Patti Cake$ (Sundance success d’estime, opening via FS on 7.17); (d) Sean Baker‘s The Florida Project (Tangerine followup, costarring Willem Dafoe); (e) Abel Ferrara‘s Alive in France (road trek doc); (f) Bruno Dumont‘s Jeannette, the Childhood of Joan of Arc; (g) Philippe Garrel‘s L’amant d’un jour (emotionally off-balance 20something woman discovers that her dad is fucking a woman her age); (h) Jonas Carpignano’s A Ciambra (follow-up to Mediterranea) and (i) Sharunas BartasFrost avec Vanessa Paradis.

  • Steven Gaydos

    Who is running Directors Fortnight these days? Looks like strongest lineup in many years, no?

    • Patrick Murtha

      Last year was pretty strong, too, and I have the impression that the DF team is pursuing big game aggressively.

  • John Cope

    I would be willing to bet hard money that you won’t like the Bartas, the Dumont or probably even the Baker so you may as well skip them.