History Will Not Be Kind

“If the ending to [the 2016 presidential campaign] story were anything other than Donald Trump being elected president, Shattered would be an awesome comedy, like a Kafka novel — a lunatic bureaucracy devouring itself. But since the ending is the opposite of funny, it will likely be consumed as a cautionary tale. Shattered is what happens when political parties become too disconnected from their voters. Even if you think the election was stolen, any Democrat who reads this book will come away believing he or she belongs to a party stuck in a profound identity crisis. Trump or no Trump, the Democrats need therapy — and soon.” — from Matt Taibbi‘s Rolling Stone review of Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes‘ “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

I’m going up to Book Soup right now to buy a copy.

  • oneeyedplatypus

    I wonder how Obama will be seen in the future. Either as a very good president or a sitting duck I think? Trump replacing him couldn’t have helped…….

    • What are you, some kind of rightie troll? Obama will be regarded as one of the nation’s best presidents, right up there with Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Harry S. Truman, JFK, LBJ. You know who isn’t going to stand up under the judgment of history? Reagan.

      • Randy Matthews

        Agreed. But poor Obama was a bit of a “sitting duck,” as those GOP obstructionist assholes opposed almost every single thing he tried to push through Congress. He pushed his agenda as best as he was able to, worked very hard, all while maintaining elegance and grace. Not to mention he wasn’t immersed in a single scandal.

        • Jeff

          It seems history will definitely view Obama as the president when the parties both officially went nuclear and polarized. Not his fault but the last ten years, a tea cup or sidewalk crack became a fault line.

        • oneeyedplatypus

          that’s what i meant

      • Jeff

        Reagan will get heat from the social justice warriors but the Cold War ended on his watch. That’s a big deal. People are gonna blame the economic stuff on everyone from Reagan to Clinton NAFTA and W and the 08 crash. The Cold War and wall coming down is always gonna be huge for him.

        • Pete Miesel

          Reagan wasn’t President when the Berlin Wall fell

  • Dr. New Jersey

    I don’t happen to think the election was “stolen”. But even if you think so, such a thing can only happen when an election is close. Obama won by a wide enough margin that no shenanigans could steal it away. Dems can’t move forward if they don’t acknowledge that they had a candidate who didn’t connect with voters.

    • Jeff

      The sooner the Hillarybots move forward and stop throwing hate and shade on BernieBros the better.

  • “any Democrat who reads this book will come away believing he or she belongs to a party stuck in a profound identity crisis”

    Or just reads Democrats’ reactions to this book.

    EDIT: Or is following the DNC Unity Tour. Oops.