Howell Suggests; Stone Fixes

In a 4.18 post titled “Last Days of Classic HE,” I mentioned a bothersome aspect of the redesign. The smartphone edition (different than the laptop version) will, I said, “be narrower than the wide-angle laptop version, which will result in some elements (like my headshot) being sliced off.” Yesterday (4.19) Toronto Star critic Peter Howell urged that I keep my mug on the smartphone version. “The vast majority of clicks these days come via smartphone, not laptops,” he reminded. “Hollywood Elsewhere is very much associated with your personality, and I think it would be a mistake to have your face clipped from the masthead for the mobile version.” I forwarded this to the tireless Sasha Stone, who’s handling the re-design. Late last night she sent along her solution — perfect!

Also: The redesign will definitely include a “Classic HE” sidebar (pear cake, “Loud Latinos“, cowboy hat, Oxford wifigate, Hispanic party elephant, HE vs. Jezebel, Paris, Hanoi/Vietnam, “What I’ve Learned“, neck wattle surgery, “Tale of Two Flophouses“, Schumergate, shrieking hyena laughter, etc.) along with a movie reviews sidebar.

  • Mr. F.

    “The redesign will definitely include a ‘Classic HE’ sidebar…”


    And to confirm: are you still doing to keep the Search function around?

    • gruver1

      A search function, of course.

  • Dave Billet
  • Gloops

    Also deserving of a place in the classic HE shrine: “Don’t Be A Pervert, Man!”

  • Mark G.

    James Gunn is Jeffrey Wells?

  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    The Hand of Kumudu comes for us all in the end.

  • Jeremy Fowler

    Jeff! Don’t let the PC brownshirts grind you down!

    Keep the header photo. The slight smirk, the raised eyebrow, the retro pompadour – I want to know what’s on *that* guy’s mind…not the tired old man with the blue-blocker glasses, and badly-dyed Chris Walken-hair.

    Millennials, it’s why we can never have nice things.

    • “Badly dyed Walken hair”? It’s carefully handled by a brilliant hair guy at Alex Roldan who knows exactly what he’s doing. Fuck you. The new thing is the new thing, and the old thing is the old thing.

      • Geoff

        I like the new photo, but the brown coat you were wearing in the old photo was nice because it didn’t bleed into the background. It was a nice contrast.

  • Matt of Sleaford

    Naw. That’s Geoffrey Rush as Peter Sellers, that is.