Image of Yeshua Has Never Sunk So Low

Jesus Christ has long been imagined by U.S. heartland types as a handsome, Anglo-Saxon guy with kindly brown eyes and gleaming, shoulder-length hair. Then came Jeffrey Hunter‘s blue-eyed Nazarene in Nicholas Ray‘s King of Kings (’61) and jokes about Christ being retailored to suit pop-culture tastes — “I was a teenaged Jesus.” With the ascent of the Christian right in the late ’70s Jesus became a more staunchly Anglicized figure — a vaguely conservative Orange County guy with pearly white teeth and broad shoulders, and who always wore freshly-pressed white robes. Since Donald J. Trump‘s inauguration some fringe-y conservative Christians (like Joshua Feurstein) have publicly embraced a belief that Trump’s political agenda and the spiritual tradition of Jesus Christ are more or less aligned. Did I say “fringe’y”? I meant foam-at-the-mouth insane.

  • Patrick Murtha

    No new thing with Republicans – rather standard, in fact. Most people probably quickly and determinedly forgot the George-W.-Bush-as-Messiah meme, but it had currency at one point.

  • THX11384EB

    Terrifying to think that photo was taken in the year 2017.

    • Iamthetvman

      The pictured should be titled the White Trash Of America.

  • m_00_m

    It is the height of degrading, self-immolating idiocy to claim the Bible is the bedrock foundation for morals (and should be for everyone), and then throw support behind a guy who’s the LITERAL EMBODIMENT of four of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    (and thanks to Yemen and Syria, he’s batting .200 in Commandments as well)

    • brenkilco

      I’d say .100 considering he’s in the graven image business with only the fortuitous fact that mom and dad are dead preventing a clean sweep.

      • m_00_m

        Don’t know his history of badmouthing his folks. But if they’re buried in a place that’s a prime location for a tremendous golf course, the best, then that last tower will start to get pretty wobbly……

    • Raygo

      FOUR? You’re being kind.

    • Kathleenjthomas

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  • Grampappy Amos

    They deserve that dog and pony show

  • Mr. F.

    Now I get it — Jesus has been the one reading the Executive Orders so Trump doesn’t have to.

  • This time they can’t blame Time for the horns.

  • brenkilco

    You want the best argument for atheism. These people routinely pray for wisdom and guidance.

  • cinefan35

    If there is a Wikipedia page entry for “dumb-ass insanity”, it should lead with the face pic of that blonde woman right next to Trump in the photo.

  • VR
  • hupto

    I’m reminded of that SOUTH PARK episode several years ago where the boys start a rock band and are getting nowhere. Then Cartman gets the idea to sell themselves as a “Christian” rock band. They sing the same songs, only with “Jesus” repeatedly added to the lyrics, and suddenly they’re phenomenally popular. There it is in a nutshell.

  • Raygo

    “Jesus wept” (John 11:35)

    • Maybe he’s getting Trump to legislate Mark 10:21, and give the whole fucking world whiplash.

  • austin888

    The end of the world is nigh and the anti-Christ is here, very obviously, sitting in our oval office at the White House. Who knew this was in the works a few years ago? Stunning.

  • VR
  • Brad

    It is pathetic.
    It is the last few years of Evangelical Christianity swirling the toilet bowel, and the world going down with it. They will get that sweet apocalypse they have dreamed of for so long, they will create it themselves.

    • “Pathetic” certainly applies but I’d prefer to think you’re wrong about the finality of what’s happrned.

      • Brad

        Me too Jeff, at least I hope so.

    • Trump and Evangelical Christianity go together like Hillary Clinton and Marxism.

      • VicLaz5

        That makes absolutely no sense, not even as a joke.

        • That sort of is the joke. It’s true that more voters self-identify as Evangelical Christian, while activists who embrace Marxist principles usually self-identify with other labels, but neither one was a banner candidate. The evangelical vote is always reliably Republican, their preferred candidate didn’t get the nomination, and Trump got more public disapproval from them before the election than any prior Republican nominee. We’d be hearing much more noise about where Evangelicals are taking us if Cruz had prevailed.

  • Raygo