• Dr. Bob

    Remember about 10 years ago when Kidman was on the cusp of ruining her face with plastic surgery and now she’s looking natural and quite youthful. How did she do it?

  • lazarus

    The original is better than almost everything Eastwood directed himself, so I’d say it’s worth finishing.

    • Dr. New Jersey

      Since we’re talking about Don Siegel, a majority of directors would suffer by comparison.

      • Kathleenrwatts

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    • Raygo

      I remember when I stumbled on THE BEGUILED on one of the late night movie programs when I was teenager. It had so many WTF moments that I continued to seek it out over the years. It was probably one of the first films I rented, back when we did those things. I remember thinking that Eastwood should have made more films like it.

  • Gilian

    Hmm.. the movie is interesting..

    Watch The Beguiled online

  • brenkilco

    The original is awfully interesting but awfully odd. Way outside Siegel and Eastwood’s wheelhouse, which is probably what drew them. Siegel was one of the great nuts and bolts action directors of all time. But he could get a little mannered and baroque when the material allowed and he indulges himself somewhat here. Anyway, catnip for somebody like Coppola. You can see how a female eye behind the camera could change the whole dynamic of the thing. But nice photography aside her lack of technical oomph is concerning. Suspense aint her thing and this is after all, at heart, a horror thriller.

    • Raygo

      I’m still impressed with Coppola’s VIRGIN SUICIDES after all these years, so I’m hoping it’s as tight as that film. Last time Jeff posted about this someone suggested that casting Kidman in the Geraldine Page role shows Coppola “missed the point” … and I might have agreed with that somewhat. But now I realize how that is coming from the male perspective, so I’m interested in this new take. Plus … Kirsten Dunst.

      • brenkilco

        On the surface Kidman might seem wrong but it appears she’s compensating for her looks by amping up that creepy, repressed thing she likes to do. Judging by the trailer this seems like a pretty straight forward remake. Though the amputation, which was sort of opportunistic in the original, looks, if the trailer editor can be trusted, a lot more deliberate and cold blooded here.

        • Patrick Murtha

          She seems to be extending her performance in The Others – same note of hysteria under a prim surface. Nothing wrong with that, mind, could be effective.