Last Days of Classic HE

HE readers need to understand…hell, I need to understand that this may be the last full week of classic Hollywood Elsewhere. Assembling the new design has been hell, but once the mock-up ads are created and put in place and I’ve sat down with Sasha Stone and learned the new WordPress scheme, the switch will be thrown. That may happen…I don’t want to predict but possibly by next Monday or Tuesday. Maybe. Advisory: The smartphone edition will be narrower than the wide-angle laptop version, which will result in some elements (like my headshot) being sliced off. HE’s classic design lasted 12 and 2/3 years — the site launched in mid-August 2004.

  • Edward Havens

    WordPress has been pretty damned awesome for us.

  • Paul Marzagalli

    One day, old HE will only exist as a campfire story told by John Houseman.

  • Mr. F.

    In honor of the change, and the lack of big movie news over the next week: you should re-post all your classic HE articles since you first started the site.

    • Jeff

      The classic ones are never about movies.

      • creepingmalaise

        Pear cake…it never gets old

        • Another benefit of tin foil.

        • Correcting Jeff

          Yellow shoes! David O. Russell upskirts! Pics of nekkid actresses!

      • Paul Marzagalli

        The Jupiter post is to HE what Ran is to Kurosawa.

        • Kathleenjthomas

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        • Hardcore Henry V

          Are you saying that because of a Shakespeare connection, or you think he’s gonna croak soon?

      • Geoff

        The classics are, shall we say, emotionally vivid.

    • Honestly, the masthead picture should just be of the emotionally vivid cowboy hat on a lone Park City bed.

  • DukeSavoy

    Here’s hoping Whit directs the film adaptation. Who plays Beckinsale and Sevigny? Cvetko and the SRO?

    • Pertwillaby

      Sasha Stone will be played by Kathy Bates.

      • Charles Peligro

        No, Meryl Streep as Sasha Stone.

        • Bobby Peru

          Mimi Rogers.

      • I would be honored if Kathy Bates played me any time anywhere. Especially so if it kills your boner. Only here to not please.

    • Gloops

      David Poland by Ben Mendelsohn.

    • Hardcore Henry V

      J.K. Simmons IS Glenn Kenny:

      “So, the wi-fi, Jeffrey, is it rushing or is it dragging?


    • Kevin

      Tom Cruise as LexG.

    • YS Kim

      Michael Shannon as Jeff
      Oliver Platt as Poland
      Jesse Eisenberg as Ehrlich

  • fitz-hume

    You could preserve the classic Hollywood Elsewhere (layout) as an optional choice for long-time readers at another web address. For example at This is something you occasionally see when websites go through a major redesign. Of course something like that requires a system where you can update both layouts simultaneously and without any problems.

    • That’s really only possible if Jeff double posts on both sites. The new design is mainly to make it responsive for mobile and for better use of ad space. If someone else knows of a way to do this, let me know.

      • Iain

        It can be done without any need to double post, but it is a nuissance, and generally causes complications, I imagine on this site it would cause problems with the advertising tracking and their set up so, realistically I doubt its practical here.

  • Iain

    *I think* all most people wanted was a responsive version of whats here now, along with removing the outdated scripts and flash that slow the thing down so much. That would’ve been an easy days work for someone.

    Will be interesting to see the new look all the same.

  • Matt of Sleaford

    The two examples used to show the new layout? Anti-Star Wars and Anti-Trump. Elsewhere, indeed.

  • Hardcore Henry V

    “HE readers need to understand…hell, I need to understand that this may be the last full week of classic Hollywood Elsewhere.”

    Posted by gruver on August 12, 2009

  • Hardcore Henry V

    Thom Phoolery says…

    Love the new design, Jeff, but WTF is with Maddow on the masthead?

    • Kathleenrwatts

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  • Mr. F.

    Is there going to be a more artful and intelligent (but robust) way to display advertising? Would love to not spend time looking at a dozen pics of the identical CHASING TRANE ad, for example.

    • Bite The Dust

      Just use an adblocker…works wonders…

  • York Durden

    Anticipating the new look is like waiting to see the results of the old lady’s tummy-tuck and eye work.