Standing Against Marvel Tide

I place a lot more trust in Jeff Sneider‘s snap judgment on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (Disney, 5.5.) than all the Marvel-fellating twitter whores combined. Do you think it’s some kind of ringing endorsement when Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn says it plays “exactly as advertised”? He’s calling it Marvel assembly-line flotsam. You have to expect a certain amount of spurious reactions from attention-seeking trolls, but you can’t dismiss Kohn and Sneider.

Ralph Bellamy (speaking to Lee Marvin about Burt Lancaster in Act One of The Professionals): “But is he trustworthy? Can he be relied upon?” Marvin: “I trust him.”

  • Not Michael Stipe

    An easy way to tell if you’ll like this one is if you liked the last one.

    • Bobby Peru

      I don’t think so. I liked the last one quite a bit and this one looks painful.

    • gruver1

      I was surprised and delighted by the last one, for the most part. Not all of it but a lot of it.

    • Steven Kaye

      Not if they’re trying to slavishly replicate the magic of the first one. That almost never ends well.

  • Christopher A. Otto

    Don’t worry, Jeff. Even if it’s underwhelming, you still have months of PR for Spider-Man, Thor and Infinity War, all of which will be cascading upon you in the next 12 months.

    • Jeff

      Isn’t Black Panther in there as well?

      • Steven Kaye

        Yep, and Ant Man and the Wasp. Yech.

    • Aaron B

      Don’t forget “Wonder Woman.” I have a feeling that may be the best of the bunch, though.

  • Edward

    The Super Hero gravy train can’t last much longer, I hope – despite enjoying a few of them.

    • AstralWeeks666

      Feel free to hope but the fact is that blockbuster culture shows little sign of burnout. Especially when the studios can rely on a less discerning international audience to pick up any box office slack. Of course the comic book trend will eventually burn out but it might be naive to assume that a more discerning form of popular cinema will take it’s place. Plus how many decades did it take for the Western or the Musical to be displaced as a Hollywood mainstay?

      • Edward

        Good points.

    • Matt of Sleaford

      Super heroes punching each other – like car crashes, dinosaurs, space ships, and giant robots – don’t have to be translated into Chinese. As long as that’s the case, these things aren’t going anywhere.

  • Gil Padilla

    With a few exceptions, the second one usually isn’t as good as the first. Exceptions: Lethal Weapon 2, Toy Story 2 and Back to the Future 2.

    • brenkilco

      Godfather 2, from russia with love, empire strikes back, bride of frankenstein. But yeah generally a sequel is a cash grab.

      • Dr. New Jersey

        Aliens, T2, X2, Wrath of Khan, The Road Warrior, The Silence of the Lambs, but still…

        • Big G

          Superman II, Rocky II, Scream 2, Empire Strikes Back also.

          • Iamthetvman

            I was waiting for someone to say Empire Strikes Back. But no one mentioned Star Trek II

          • VicLaz5

            Wait are you saying Rocky II is better than Rocky? Rocky III maybe…

            • Dr. New Jersey

              Like Die Hard, Rocky is in a whole other (higher) class than any of its most sequels, as entertaining as they may be.

        • Iamthetvman

          Good picks. many people forget at times Silence of the Lambs was actually a sequel. It’s also hard to find a sci-fi sequel better than Kahn, maybe Empire Strikes Back. But that’s it.

          • Randy Matthews

            Yes, but “Silence” wasn’t a cash grab sequel. It was an adaptation of a brilliant book in a series.

            • Iamthetvman

              very true..

        • Bob Strauss

          Excellent examples, brenkilco and Dr. NJ.

        • Raygo

          Babe: A Pig in the City

        • Clockwork Taxi

          No one has mentioned the gonzo masterpiece Bad Boys 2?

        • VicLaz5

          Aliens is at best equal to Alien, T2 is not in the same league as Terminator, Wrath of Khan is equal to Star Trek: The Motion Picture (which is highly underrated), Silence and Manhunter are about equal… I agree on Road Warrior.

          • Hardcore Henry V

            ST:TMP is absolute trash and indefensible.

            It’s barely even a movie, and you’re ready to put it alongside Khan??


            • VicLaz5

              The first Trek is a gorgeous film, has a better concept and story (not the simple good guy/bad guy) and mind blowing SFX. Khan is great, but has a cheaper look. I love them both.

        • Hardcore Henry V

          Good shorthand sequel lists. Seems like people often forget Bride of Frankenstein — which is somewhat forgivable as it’s legitimately OLD now (it’s also a bit of a SW/ESB or Godfather 1 & 2 situation where you can justifiably argue either side ’til the cows come home — and HS:PD, which actually seems superior to the original in just about every way imaginable (it wouldn’t shock me if Naked Gun was like this, too, but it’s been a good decade since I’ve rewatched).

          My solid additions: Evil Dead 2, Blade 2, Spider-man 2. Way more controversial: Dawn of the Dead, The Color of Money, The Matrix Reloaded (I’ll go to my grave defending the latter as the best of the franchise).

          • Dr. New Jersey

            I’m with you on The Color of Money, which I prefer to The Hustler. It’s tight between Night and Dawn which are both great for different reasons. As for The Matrix Reloaded… I’d rather watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture again. But I’d rather skip both. (And brenkilco did cover Bride, so I didn’t repeat.)

    • Dr. New Jersey

      Agree with the main point, but not on Back to the Future (though I like 2, I also liked 3). I’d put Hot Shots Part Deux in that slot.

    • Pete Miesel


    • THX11384EB

      Lethal Weapon and Back to the Future are much better than their sequels.

  • Brad

    The first GOTG has the look of low production quality, and shows the lack of expertise in the director. There is such an abundance of bad effects work and scene after scene of the actors standing in front of green screens with supposed cool stuff projected-inserted behind them. It is bizarre that 2001 A Space Odyssey made in 1968 has far superior effects in every frame than a Marvel sausage like GOTG made 4 decades later with 4 times the money.

    • THX11384EB

      That’s because Stanley Kubrick wasn’t a dopey fanboy.

  • Matt of Sleaford

    Jeffrey agrees sight-unseen with a critic who reinforces his predisposition to hate a Marvel movie? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!
    (BTW, has anyone done a review of the comment counts for these “awful, soul-crushing, abominations” posts vs. the film festival or indie posts? Be interesting to see what would happen if Jeffrey started ignoring these “banes of his existence.”)

    • Patrick Murtha

      Speaking just for myself, I would love to read the maximum number of posts (here or anywhere) about festival, indie, international, and micro-budget films, and the minimum number about tentpole and popcorn movies.

      • Matt of Sleaford

        Sadly, that won’t keep the lights on.

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  • childerolandusa

    Why would you put any trust in twitter whores at all? Anyway, early reviews for CBMs are notoriously BS.

  • Jeff

    Schneider has pretty good, discerning taste. My gut says he is probably right.

  • Pertwillaby

    Jeff Sneider is the man Scott Feinberg wishes he were.

    • Raygo

      That’s funny.

  • Pete Miesel

    That’s a shame if this is true, and very plausible that the movie went to the well a bit too much (which came off that way in the trailer)

  • Eric


  • m_00_m

    Too bad you couldn’t title this post “Guardians Against the Guardians of the Galaxy”.

    • Patrick Murtha

      This comment reminds me of the great Onion News Network video on the launch of the game World of World of Warcraft.

  • SJR

    Be honest, how many hours did you spend reading Twitter Eggs and Batman Avatars spewing Marvel bile? and all you came up with was three measly souls.

  • Carl LaFong
  • Mister Quigley Jr.

    Will bloggerdotcom fire him for breaking the embargo? What a maroon.

  • Muldoon

    Can someone arrange a softball game between the Marvel-Fellating Twitter Whores and the Hispanic Party Elephants? Would be fun.

  • freeek

    And poof! That Chris Pratt moment has already vanished.

  • Iain

    I only saw the first movie this week. I’m not anti comic book movies by
    any stretch though, like everyone else, I’ve pretty much got the fatigue
    of them by now, at least these paint by numbers Marvel ones.

    From they way half the people I know raved about it I expected a lot
    more, it had some good moments in there, and the ’emotional’ scenes
    whilst shallow were well at least decently done. But there were a lot of
    just plain lazy and bad moments in there too. I’d’ve said 6/10 for the
    first, so if it takes another three or four years for me to catch the
    sequel, thats good with me.