You’re Pushin’ Too Hard

From a producer pal: “Did you know there’s a relatively new industry newsletter called The Ankler? It’s daily and is written by Richard Rushfield, formerly of Hitfix. And every day it has ‘The Daily Wells’, which slags you off. Just being a friend in case you haven’t heard.”

Ankler greeting: “Welcome to this Beta edition of Hollywood’s own up-and-coming daily newsletter. Here you’ll find your morning round-up and dissection of the day’s parade in the business, featuring news, gossip, amazing tidbits and fearless, pointed analysis. If you like or don’t like, or really hate what you see, let us know — And please, if you enjoy The Ankler pass this email on to your friends and colleagues!”

Apparently it’s some kind of subscription-only newsletter — i.e., no URL.

  • Oneshotjackpot

    “In 1998, Richard and Adam Leff founded the cultural futurist agency, Monkey Zero, which studies the progress of worldwide cultural phenomenon.”

    “Author of the Webscout column, his groundbreaking series of articles on the lonelygirl15 mystery is widely credited as providing breakthrough which led to the final revalations of the truth behind that videos. He also authored the first article ever written on the new up and coming service called Twitter.”

    Too generous to call this ‘pushing.’ This guy’s shtick trumpets importunity with the sophistication of an air horn. What a douche.

    • THX11384EB

      He sounds like a major league asshole.

  • VR

    If it links to your site, I can see possibly doing that, but if they just take your content then that’s sort of a dick move, but they should ask your permission.

  • Dr. New Jersey

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity” they say (but not at United Airlines).

    • Kathleenrwatts

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  • If you’re on Facebook, as i know you are, you can just like it and get it.

    Seriously, though, I’d take it as a compliment that you’re part of every update, and NOBODY ELSE is

  • brenkilco

    There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about.

    • Matt of Sleaford

      “Very witty, Wilde.”

      • brenkilco

        Jeff’s blog is like a stream of bat piss……

        • Matt of Sleaford

          ….like a dose of the clap…

  • Brad

    HitFix was sausage factory marketing to the 18-34’s still living with M and P.

  • SaulPaul

    I was wondering recently if you realize what a meme you’ve become on Film Twitter.

  • Matthew May

    In related news, check out hilarious takedown of JW by the Blank Check boys in their discussion on Spielberg’s Munich.